Repair method for broken shaft of the hottest ink

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Repair method for broken shaft of inking roller

metal inking roller is a key component of the inking system of offset press. It is mostly made of A3 seamless steel pipe pressed into the left and right shaft ends of the steel pipe by hot sleeve process. Due to its simultaneous rotation and 0 ~ 15mm axial series movement during operation, the shaft end bears both tensile stress and torsional stress, so it is very easy to break at the empty tool slot at the root of the shaft end. A simple method for repairing ink roller is recommended. The specific process is as follows

① install the broken inking roller on the lathe and clamp the shaft end of the unbroken end (do not clamp the load base that can be reached by each load φ 90mm outer circle), the outer circle is supported by the lathe center frame, and the radial runout is within 0.05mm

② use φ After 28mm drill bit drills through hole at the broken end (its wall thickness is about 39mm), fine bore the inner hole according to the size

③ select one φ 35mm 45 # steel rod with length of about 300mm will φ 30mm, 34mm long and φ 32mm, 5mm long journal is placed in the inner hole, and a gap of 0.03 ~ 0.04mm is maintained with the hole wall, and the surface roughness is ra3.2. After the transmission hydraulic oil is polluted, the system will not work normally, so the adhesive and exhaust will be stored

④ first clean the bonding surface of the inner hole and journal with acetone, then apply lt680 anaerobic acid evenly to the inner hole and journal, then insert the shaft end into the inner hole, rotate it for several circles, and finally use the machine tool top cone to tighten it. In case of emergency, incandescent lamp or iodine tungsten lamp can be used to bake the bonding part to 40 ~ 50 ℃ before cutting; It can also be cured at room temperature for about 6 hours if it is not urgently used or without baking conditions

⑤ the bonded shaft end can be installed for use after finishing machining

after practice, the inking roller repaired by this method can be basically restored and durable


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