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On the eve of the National Day holiday, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to listen to the work report on promoting the reorganization and integration of central enterprises. The meeting required to steadily promote the reorganization and integration of central enterprises in the fields of equipment manufacturing, coal, electricity, communications, chemical industry, and promote asset reorganization and equity cooperation among central enterprises, Concentrate resources on advantageous enterprises and main businesses

the reorganization of central coal enterprises was "named" again. In fact, since this year, the State Council and other relevant departments have continuously emphasized the restructuring and integration of central coal enterprises

at the beginning of this year, xiaoyaqing, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, has proposed to promote mergers and acquisitions at the enterprise group level and accelerate the integration of steel, coal and power businesses; Subsequently, xiaoyaqing stressed again at the two sessions that it would be impossible not to restructure the steel, coal, heavy equipment, thermal power and other fields; In early June, the relevant person in charge of SASAC made it clear again at the media briefing that it was necessary to promote the restructuring of coal power, heavy equipment manufacturing, steel and other fields

not long ago, Shenhua and Guodian have announced their restructuring plans. It can be said that the restructuring of these two companies has opened the prelude to the restructuring of central coal and power enterprises

it should be mentioned that at the end of August, China coal energy released an announcement on asset transfer, saying that on August 23, 2017, the coking company, a subsidiary of the company, entered into an equity transfer agreement with Jinzhong energy chemical, a subsidiary of the parent company, to transfer 100% of the equity of Shanxi transportation and marketing and Tianjin company held by the group to the parent company group, with a total price of 13.4214 million yuan

under the background of the increasing expectation of the reorganization of central coal enterprises, the attention of China coal energy has heated up again

in July last year, Guoyuan coal Asset Management Co., Ltd., a central enterprise coal asset integration platform, was established. China Coal Group is mainly responsible for the integration of coal resources

in August 2016, *st Xinji, a subsidiary of SDIC, transferred 30.31% of its shares to China Coal Group for free. In May this year, poly energy was transferred to China Coal Group as a whole

China coal energy also mentioned in the semi annual report that in recent years, the parent company, China Coal Group, has used self insulation for non load-bearing walls in the utilization of self insulation walls, which have stable thermal performance and are not affected by the construction quality; The construction operation is simple, avoiding the destructive effect of the second decoration on the internal insulation materials; Jinchengli team has applied for more than 30 invention patents to solve the problem of thermal insulation for walls of high-rise buildings; Through the design of material block structure, the problem of external wall leakage can be solved, the management advantages of specialized coal companies can be used, and the central enterprises can actively participate in the integration of coal resources. Since 2016, it has successively taken over the coal asset business of some central enterprises, expanded its scale and strength, and promoted the coordinated development of coal power integration and regional layout optimization. With the historical opportunity of reform and development, China coal energy will accelerate business adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and strive to build a clean energy supplier with strong international competitiveness

WuJie, an analyst at Haitong Securities, believes that the integration of coal assets of central enterprises has been started, and Shenhua Guodian will start the coal power pool through merger. As the only remaining central enterprise in the coal industry, China coal is likely to become the next one, and the future integration can be expected

it is worth noting that on September 11, the State Council issued the opinions on supporting Shanxi Province to further deepen reform and promote the transformation and development of resource-based economy, pointing out that it is necessary to break through the traditional mechanism and promote the transformation of energy structure by promoting the supply side structural reform

the above opinions also proposed to support central enterprises and coal and power enterprises in Shanxi Province to form market complementarity and upstream and downstream synergy through mutual equity participation, shareholding and signing long-term agreements. Coal and power enterprises with conditions are encouraged to make efforts to promote the joint operation of coal mines and power stations through capital injection, equity replacement, merger and reorganization, equity transfer, etc

this is the first time that the State Council issued a special document to meet the requirements for elongation measurement, expressing support for central enterprises to acquire local state-owned enterprises

the coal research team of Haitong Securities believes that the State Council issued a document to support the reform and development of Shanxi, and the main reform direction is still the reform of state-owned enterprises, including vertical asset injection, integrated listing, and horizontal merger and reorganization

in fact, many coal enterprises in Shanxi have started capital operation

on the evening of September 27, Shanxi Coking & Chemical Co., Ltd. disclosed a major asset restructuring plan. It planned to issue shares to Shanxi Coking & Chemical Co., Ltd. and pay cash to purchase 49% of the equity of China Coal Huajin it held, with a transaction price of 5.664 billion yuan. Among them, the consideration to be paid by Shanxi Coking & Chemical Co., Ltd. in shares is RMB 5.064 billion, and the consideration to be paid in cash is RMB 600million. At the same time, Shanxi Coking and Chemical Co., Ltd. plans to raise supporting funds of no more than 650million yuan by means of non-public offering of shares

some analysts of securities companies told securities that while "naming" the reorganization of central coal enterprises, the State Council also specially emphasized the reorganization of Shanxi coal enterprises and supported the central enterprises to integrate coal enterprises into Shanxi. In the next reorganization of central coal enterprises, Shanxi coal enterprises may become the main force

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