Rene Descartes, the architect of the most mechanis

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The framer of mechanistic worldview -- Rene Descartes, one of the founders of modern western philosophy and the pioneer of modern materialism, is considered to be the father of analytic geometry. Rene Descartes, a famous French scientist and philosopher in the l7th century, has made great contributions to the field of human worldview understanding in addition to his classic philosophical judgment of "I think so I am". Descartes, on the basis of the mechanical worldview opened by Bacon, further theorized and conceived this worldview. Trying to understand and explore all the mysteries of human, nature and the universe with mathematics that can best embody the essence of human wisdom. As he said: "frankly speaking, I firmly believe that it (Mathematics) is the most powerful cognitive tool endowed by the above basic human wisdom of about 30000 yuan. It is the source of all things". In Descartes' view, everything in the world can be reduced to mathematics, and any problem is a problem of measurement and quantity. In his worldview cognitive system, he believes in the mechanistic worldview opened by Bacon and preaches it everywhere like a preacher. Under his influence, this mechanistic worldview, which transformed the whole nature into a simple substance of movement and classified all the quality as quantitative relations, was widely accepted by the intellectual class in Europe at that time. "Give me a certain peace and movement, and I can build the universe." Descartes' thought embodies an extreme admiration for the mathematical relationship representing order. If human beings can know, understand and transform our world in a neat and regular way of understanding and thinking of algebra and geometry, then all messy and mixed things will disappear, everything will take its place, everything in the world will be accurate, there will be no disorder, and everything will be in infinite harmony. Therefore, Rene Di and Carl's idea that everything is reduced to quantitative relations is injecting a new belief into mankind, that is, an accurate mechanistic world view. According to this world view, mankind can reveal the secrets of the world and become a complete world. We have just evaluated the hammer world, but at the same time, we need to ensure that it is ultimately the master of user safety

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