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The subsidiary of MuLinSen was renamed, and the shareholders of Infineon reduced their total holdings of 450700 shares. The wholly-owned subsidiary of MuLinSen was renamed Ji'an MuLinSen Industrial Co., Ltd.

recently, MuLinSen announced the renaming of the wholly-owned subsidiary

according to the announcement, Ji'an MuLinSen optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MuLinSen, changed its company name from Ji'an MuLinSen optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to Ji'an MuLinSen Industrial Co., Ltd. in order to better implement the company's overall development strategy and in combination with its business development needs. Other industrial and commercial registration items have not been changed. At present, the relevant procedures have been completed and the renewed business license has been obtained

Ji'an mulinson's business scope includes LED, LCD, and its use in a wide range of industries: scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, and the production and sales of LED light-emitting series products and materials, electronic products, various lighting fixtures, lighting, electronic packaging materials in rubber, tire, plastic, wire and cable, shoemaking, leather, textile, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries, Import and export business and domestic trade of the above products; Professional contracting and construction of urban and road lighting projects, design and construction of night scenery projects, and construction of greening projects (operating with valid qualification certificates); Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel; Energy saving technology R & D services and contract energy management; Sales of prepackaged food, wine, tobacco products, daily necessities, fruits and stationery; Lease of enterprise owned houses

Infineon's shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares have reduced 450700 shares in total.

recently, Infineon released an announcement to disclose that Zhejiang Huarui Taixin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huarui Taixin) and Zhejiang Shangzhi equity investment partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as Shangzhi's investment to improve the accuracy of plastic composite material structure analysis) should release more than half of the refrigeration materials during the plan period, Reduced 170000 shares and 280700 shares respectively

according to the announcement, Huarui Taixin plans to reduce the company's shares by not more than 8905000 shares, that is, not more than 4.41% of the company's total share capital at that time, through centralized bidding transactions or block transactions; Shangzhi investment reduced its total shares of the company by means of centralized competitive trading or block trading, which was not more than 8119121 shares, that is, not more than 4.02% of the total share capital of the company at that time

before the reduction, the shareholding ratios of Huarui Taixin and Shangzhi investment were 6.9397% and 6.8564% respectively, and after the reduction, the shareholding ratios were 6.8514% and 6.7106%

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