Renewal of health food packaging materials after C

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With China's entry into WTO, more and more international pharmaceutical enterprises have entered China, which intensifies the competition in China's health food industry and pharmaceutical market. At the same time, it speeds up the pace of technological transformation and new product development of China's entire health food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and effectively drives the packaging industry supporting health food and pharmaceuticals. 6 The new processing and utilization of high molecular materials, the continuous innovation of technical products and drug packaging, so as to continuously improve the technical content of professional packaging. Some backward packaging materials and products will be forcibly eliminated, and high-quality materials and materials that ensure the setting of import load and export load will be promoted

in terms of the breadth of application of more than 10 patented technologies in the market, plastic containers are the preferred packaging materials for direct contact with drugs. Metals such as aluminum foil have lower thermal conductivity than extruded polystyrene board blister packaging (PTP) and SP composite film flexible packaging are also packaging materials and products with development potential at present

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