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Injection molding machine maintenance and fault causes (I)

both imported and domestic injection molding machines have the following characteristics under the speculation of various Scams:

1 The injection molding machine has large investment in fixed assets, large production scale, large consumption of raw materials, high labor productivity and large output value. It is a production organization form with high labor efficiency

2. The injection molding machine consists of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrical appliances, special accessories, etc. according to the needs of injection molding processing technology, it is organically combined with a high degree of automation and closely related to each other; The injection molding machine can operate continuously for 3 shifts and 24 hours. If a component of the injection molding machine fails, it will cause shutdown

3. Although the injection molding machine has simple operation and few workers, the management and maintenance of the injection molding machine have high technical content and heavy workload

therefore, in order to ensure that the hp-rtm production of the injection molding machine, which is often fully automated, is in good condition, we must strengthen the management of the injection molding machine and strictly control the failure of the injection molding machine. So as to reduce the failure rate, reduce the maintenance cost and prolong the service life

injection molding machine failure generally refers to the event or phenomenon that the injection molding machine or system loses or reduces its specified function during use. Injection molding machine is equipped by enterprises to meet the production process requirements of injection molding products. The function of injection molding machine reflects its value in the production activities of injection molding products and the degree of assurance for injection molding production. In the production of modern injection molding machine, because the injection molding machine has complex structure, high degree of automation, and the connection between hydraulic pressure, electric control and machinery is very close, the failure of the injection molding machine, even partial failure, will cause the shutdown of the entire injection molding machine. Injection molding machine failure directly affects the quantity and quality of injection molding products

I. classification of injection molding machine faults

injection molding machine faults are diverse and can be classified from different angles

spring type microcomputer force application system 1 According to the fault occurrence status, it can be divided into:

(1) progressive fault. It is caused by the gradual deterioration of the initial performance of the injection molding machine. Most of the failures of the injection molding machine belong to this kind of failure. This kind of fault is closely related to the wear, corrosion, fatigue and creep of electronic control and hydraulic mechanical components

(2) sudden failure. It is caused by the joint action of various adverse factors and accidental external influences, which is beyond the limits of the injection molding machine. For example, the screw is broken due to the overload of the material barrel entering the iron; The electronic board of the injection molding machine is punctured due to the high voltage string. Such failures often occur suddenly without any warning

sudden failures often occur in the use stage of the injection molding machine, and are often caused by defects in design, manufacturing, assembly and material, or by operational errors and illegal operations

2. According to the nature of the fault, it can be divided into:

(1) intermittent fault. The injection molding machine loses some of its functions in a short period of time. It can be recovered with a little repair and commissioning without replacing parts

(2) permanent fault. Some parts of the injection molding machine have been damaged and need to be replaced or repaired before it can be restored to use

3. According to the influence degree of the fault, it can be divided into:

(1) complete fault. This led to the complete loss of function of the injection molding machine

(2) local fault. Some functions of the injection molding machine are lost

4. According to the cause of the fault, it can be divided into:

(1) wear fault. Failure caused by normal wear of injection molding machine

(2) misuse fault. Faults caused by incorrect operation and improper maintenance

(3) inherent weak fault. Due to the design problem, the injection molding machine has a weak link, which is a fault during normal use

5. According to the risk of the fault, it can be divided into:

(1) dangerous fault. For example, when the safety protection system needs to act, it loses its protection function due to failure, resulting in personal injury and injection molding machine failure; Failure caused by failure of hydraulic and electric control system, etc

(2) safety fault. For example, the pressure calibration safety protection system acts when it does not need to act; Failure to start the injection molding machine when it cannot be started

6. According to the occurrence and development law of injection molding machine failure, it can be divided into

(1) random fault. The time of failure is random

(2) there are regular faults. The occurrence of faults has certain regularity

each fault has its main characteristics, namely the so-called fault mode, or fault state. The fault states of various injection molding machines are quite complicated, but they can be summarized as follows: abnormal vibration, mechanical wear, input signal can not be accepted by the computer, solenoid valve has no output signal, mechanical hydraulic components are broken, proportional linearity is maladjusted, hydraulic pressure drop, hydraulic leakage, oil pump fault, hydraulic noise, circuit aging, abnormal sound, oil quality deterioration, power pressure drop, amplifier board has no output, temperature is out of control and others. Different types of injection molding machines have different proportions of various failure modes

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