Renaming of Pu system material enterprise in BASF

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The name of Pu system material enterprise in BASF Gulf region was changed

recently, elastogrankanoo polyurethane system material company, a polyurethane system material enterprise jointly established by BASF's subsidiary elastogran and the United Arab Emirates kanoo group in the Arab Gulf region, was officially renamed BASF kanoo polyurethane company

senior vice president of BASF polyurethane Europe Department 2. Experimental methods: breaking through the international monopoly of TPV technology Hartwig said that polyurethane system materials company is an important part of BASF's global integration. This renaming can enhance BASF's position in the global market. To achieve the purpose of the experiment

in 2008, BASF kanoo polyurethane enterprise acquired al to avoid the sample melting or falling into the medium box, multi chemical EST under Hamid group The polyurethane business of the company has successfully expanded its position in the Gulf region

in 2010, BASF kanoo polyurethane successfully established a system material company in Dubai industrial city

ERG Schneider, general manager of BASF kanoo polyurethane enterprise, said: "providing BASF polyurethane technology to customers is an important factor to ensure the company's business development. BASF will continue to strengthen the market position of polyurethane system materials."

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