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Repair and maintenance of electronic scale

1. Please place the electronic scale on a stable and flat platform for use, and use the four adjusting feet under the scale body to keep the scale platform in a balanced state (do not put it on the shaking or vibrating platform). 2. When the power is turned on, do not put any objects on the scale, and do not weigh until it is zero and stable. 3. Before using the electronic scale, it is recommended to warm up for minutes to ensure the accuracy of the scale. 4. The ambient temperature of the electronic scale is ℃, and the humidity is ≤ 85%rh. 5. Handle with care to avoid strong vibration, impact or impact. 6. Please pay attention to handle with care, moisture-proof, moisture-proof and anti stacking during transportation. 7. Do not store in direct sunlight or rain during storage. It is not easy to stack heavy objects above the scale to prevent damage to the sensor or reduce its service life. 8. When using DC power supply, pay attention to timely charging the battery to prevent the battery voltage from being too low to work normally or not starting up. Turn off the power switch when not in use or charging. 9. It is obvious that the weighing pan is not sold by the subsidiary to the parent company. When adding weights, avoid collision and overload. 10. The shell shall be wiped with dry and wet cloth, and it is strictly forbidden to wash with water. 11. Advanced design and manufacturing methods such as water and sundries shall not be injected into the machine to prevent damage and electric shock to electronic components. 12. The electronic scale is a precision measuring instrument, and its maintenance and debugging can only be carried out by the technicians approved by our company. Other people are not allowed to dismantle and repair it without authorization (among them, the regular calibration of the electronic scale can be carried out by the relevant responsible personnel of your company with the national standard weights). 13. Batteries are required for operation. 13.1 when the electronic scale is used for the first time, please charge the battery first. It is recommended that the previous charging time be hours to ensure that the battery enters a safe and stable working state. 13.2 in the normal weighing state, when "power loss indication or power loss alarm" appears in the weighing window, it indicates that the battery is insufficient. Please charge the battery as soon as possible. It is recommended that each charging time be more than 12 hours and less than 18 hours. When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the current power supply of the structural parts of the center console of the vehicles molded with ABS and TPV on the site by jiaoyizhimi. If the AC power supply is used for a long time, the service life of the battery will be shortened (no impact on the scale). 13.3 if it is not used for a long time, please charge the battery at least once every 3 months. It is recommended that the charging time is about 20 hours each time to make up for the lack of power caused by the battery self loss, prevent the battery from being damaged, prolong the service life of the battery, and place the instrument switch in the "off" position to keep the battery from being damaged due to over discharge. 14. Batteries are not required for operation. A 220V AC power supply is installed beside the electronic scale. It is recommended to use the AC power supply for a long time to avoid that the low battery power consumption will affect the normal operation of the sample scale used for processing experiments. It can also avoid that the electronic scale does not start up because the battery is not charged for other reasons

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