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2017 will be a crucial year for the development of the door and window industry. How should major enterprises win the market? Recently, Yin Jianye, marketing director of zunshang doors and windows, received an exclusive interview with Huiya media · home hotline reporter to review 2016 and look forward to 2017

zunshang door and window marketing director Yin Jianye

2016 door and window event

Home hotline: Hello, President Yin! In 2016, please tell us which measures or events of your company are the most meaningful

president Yin: Hello! I am very grateful to Huiya media for its support and love for Foshan Nanhai Shidai Huiye household products Co., Ltd. Speaking of the most significant measures or events of our company, I would like to share two representative events of our company this year. First of all, the year 2016 was a year of rapid development for zunshang doors and windows, a brand of times Huiye. At the beginning of the year in Beijing, we invited Miss Ma Yili, a Chinese first-line star who won the Huading award twice, as the brand spokesperson, which is the most significant leap forward development for zunshang doors and windows. The development momentum of the brand has been "fierce", which also proves that it is a clear choice for us to invite Miss Ma Yili as the spokesperson. Secondly, this year, the VIS logo of zunshang doors and windows brand has been comprehensively upgraded from the original single logo to a simple and atmospheric image, highlighting the mature and stable image of the enterprise, presenting the brand precipitation of zunshang doors and windows for many years, achieving the unified supporting vis logo for behavior, forming a more complete vis system, increasing the identifiability of the logo, and interpreting the inside story of the top of the brand-new brand industry of zunshang doors and windows

2017 early spring event forecast

home hotline: how do you predict the trend of industry development in 2017

president Yin: I don't dare to predict, but it's OK to share the development trend of the industry with Huiya media fans. In the past two years, the concepts of "one-stop service" and "whole house customization" have been in full swing. Many leading enterprises have begun to develop the concept of "big home" and are also trying to expand their product lines. But as we all know, because the whole house customization involves a wide range of products, the product structure must be specialized and refined, and it needs to cooperate with more professional sectors. Next year or the next two years, under the concept of "big home" of full house customization, the door and window industry, as one of home decoration customization, will continue to develop rapidly and become a new highlight of home decoration customization. Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, doors and windows are an important part of home decoration, and consumers pay more and more attention to doors and windows. Customized doors and windows enterprises will have more brand lines, and their development will be more and more intense

home hotline: what strategic actions can your enterprise take in advance in 2017, when "seizing the opportunity (chicken) club"

president Yin: as a customization industry, the industry reshuffle will become the norm. Next year is believed to be another round of enterprise reshuffle, and in many aluminum alloy enterprises, many enterprises are developing in an extensive manner. This is an opportunity, but also an opportunity. I will regard this as 2017, which is a year for zunshang doors and windows to rise against the trend, because we will develop extensive development to professional services. This is an obvious change in our strategic planning for zunshang doors and windows next year - subdivision services, the establishment of a large marketing concept, and the establishment of professional service terminal dealers in the development and investment attraction, market maintenance, brand promotion and packaging sectors. At this stage, in the state of high product homogeneity, service is undoubtedly a good entry point to distinguish the differences between brands. The mode of "product driven service" will obviously be replaced by the sales mode of "service driven product". In addition, we can also tell you in advance that next year, zunshang doors and windows will have a more professional brand image output to meet the industry and the industry media. For more information, the media and dealers are welcome to pay attention to zunshang doors and windows

home hotline: Mr. Yin, please analyze the development prospect of aluminum doors and windows industry

president Yin: there is no doubt that the industry development prospect of aluminum alloy doors and windows is bright, and high-end door and window customization will attract more attention. It can be said that aluminum alloy doors and windows are widely used and used. Its unique advantages determine that it has a broad market prospect. Under the premise of giving full play to its own advantages and improving problems in the use process, high-end aluminum door and window products began to come into the sight of consumers. The aluminum alloy door and window industry is developing in the upstream state, but the brand competition is becoming increasingly fierce




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