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The main furniture of the study is desk, office chair, bookcase and bookshelf, sofa, computer and computer desk, etc

the main furniture of the study is desk, office chair, bookcase and bookshelf, sofa, computer and computer desk, etc. The size of the study furniture should be fully in accordance with the ergonomic height. When you buy it, you should know it well: the height of the desk is 80cm, the legs are in the activity area under the desk, the net height under the desk is not less than 58cm, the seats should be matched with the desk, and the height should be moderate, so that you don't feel tired and sore when writing, reading and learning. If possible, try to equip swivel chairs with adjustable height, especially the height of computer tables and chairs. It is better to feel comfortable

in the layout form of the study, the color should be deep and calm. The desktop light of the desk is the first consideration. The light should be appropriate. Generally, the direction of the desk against the window light source is more appropriate, but the whole desk should not be placed close to the windowsill, because first, there is direct sunlight, and the light source is too strong, which is very irritating to the eyes; Second, the wind and rain have an impact on document preservation and writing; Third, it is inconvenient to switch the curtain

light sources should be fully considered in the arrangement of study furniture. Some people like to use artificial light sources. No matter the weather is good or bad, they should be illuminated with lamps and lanterns. Therefore, when arranging desks or computer tables, their backs should be turned to the windows or the direction of natural light sources. In fact, this is not good for your health and study. No matter how reasonable and scientific the artificial light source in your home is, it still cannot compare with the natural light source. We should make full use of the lighting of natural light source

the arrangement of the study should not be messy and disorderly. Books should be put in the cabinet, and scattered documents should be placed in the form of folders as far as possible; Some precious books and ancient books should be put in glass cabinets to prevent dust and moisture. After the study furniture is in place, appropriate greening decoration will help to add a quiet and elegant atmosphere

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