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Majorca is looking up - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It would be hard to believe right now with Mallorca on the verge of possible tighter restrictions sanctioned by Madrid, but in the UK, where case numbers are breaking record levels, it appears that thousands of people are already thinking about visiting Mallorca in 2021.

According to holiday industry reports in the UK, a four-fold increase in bookings made on Christmas Day compared to last year has been claimed by Not Just Travel – with Mallorca the top destination.

Who would have thought? The British love affair with Mallorca:1618619520000,, which the Council of Mallorca used as its headline promotional slogan at the World Travel Market last year, appears to be as strong as ever and all the various people from all walks of life I have interviewed over the course of this year who have claimed that there is nowhere quite like Majorca, have been proved right – well by the British anyway. Traditionally, Christmas Day is when the UK starts thinking about its summer holiday and, despite all the turkeywithout permission fro, the stuffing certainly has not been knocked out of Mallorca. With the UK now able to ramp up its vaccination campaign, yesterday one MP suggested June may be when there is a breakthrough, there may well be a summer season for the British in Mallorca and the slow path to recovering will be able to beginThe initiative.

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Now that’s worth raising a glass to tonight.

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